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3M 77 Spray Glue

$15.95 msrp $17.95 Save 11%

3M 77 Spray Glue is the top choice for table covering professionals. This spray glue is a quick setting glue that is ideal when installing new table cloth on your table.

Tiger E Z Shine Bee's Wax

$8.25 msrp $10.95 Save 24%

E Z Shine Bee's Wax is the ideal solution for putting table slates together. Bee's Wax easily melts into slate seams and can be shaved smooth with a razor blade giving you a completely smooth surface.

Qclean Quick Clean Table Felt Cleaner

$10.95 msrp $11.95 Save 8%

Quick Clean Felt is a safe way to remove dirt and chalk from your felt. Quick Clean sprays a foam mist which raises the old chalk residue to the surface and is easily wiped off with a clean... Cushion Facings

$4.95 msrp $6.95 Save 28%

On all tables at the end of the cushion at the pocket opening there are reinforced ribber facings. Often these facings get a bit out of shape and need replacing... Snooker Table Spots

$1.49 msrp $1.99 Save 25%

These are small diameter spots often used on Snooker tables but also work on pool tables. At only 13mm in diameter they...

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Tefco Table Spots

$3.50 msrp $4.95 Save 29%

Tefco Table spots are reliable spots that will not easily peel off or fade. The back is made with a super sticky adhesive that keeps the spots in place. Sold by the dozen.

A31 U23 Rail Rubbers

$53.99 msrp $69.99 Save 22%

The U23 Rubber bumpers are designed for 7ft, smaller home tables and some commercial tables. These quality rubber bumpers are made using only the finest natural pure gum rubber. These cushions are slightly…

Penguin Brand Cushion Adhesive

$32.95 msrp $39.95 Save 17%

The Penguin Brand Cushion adhesive is a top choice for those looking to replace the cushions on their tables. This glue is a specifically designed adhesive for the job. This is a 1 quart container...

A30 K66 Rail Rubbers

$59.99 msrp $69.99 Save 14%

The K66 profile is the most common rubber cushions on the market. These pool table cushions will last for years and have the popular K66 profile. These are available as sets of 6 in either… Table Leg Shims

$0.99 msrp $1.29 Save 23%

Table leg shims are an easy way to adjust and level your table. These are available in 1/32nd, 1/16th, 1/8th, and 1/4 inch thickness. Large Rack Hook

$9.45 msrp $11.95 Save 20%

This large rack hook can be used in two ways. two of them can mount on the cabinet of your pool table to hold a bridge cue. It is often used as a... Rubber Pocket Liners

$9.95 msrp $11.95 Save 16%

Depending on your type of table these rubber pocket liners may be a good replacement. Made of hard durable plastic. They

  • 1-12 of 12 Results