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Aramith Pro Cup Cue Ball

$35.27 msrp $44.09 Save 20%

The Aramith Pro Cup Cue ball is one of the most popular cue balls in the Billiard Industry. You'll see it being used in leagues and major tournaments all across the country. It is also used for the majority of...

Aramith Training Cue Ball

$37.89 msrp $47.37 Save 20%

The Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue ball is one of the most popular and widely used training tools in the industry. This cue ball has precise target areas mapped out on the ball. Each ball has a beginner...

BCA How to Play Pool Right

$18.95 msrp $25.95 Save 26%

Jerry Breisath is considered the Dean of pool instructors. He created the certified instructor program for the for the Billiard Congress...

BCA 2017 Official BCA Rule Book

$7.90 msrp $9.95 Save 20%

This is the essential resource for serious players and fans. Enhance your enjoyment of the game by getting to know the World-Standardized....

BCA A Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath

$54.95 msrp $74.99 Save 26%

A 3 DVD set that includes instruction on Fundamentals, Banking and Kicking, Drills, Fixes and Managing the cue ball. Jerry Briesath is regarded as the "Dean of Master Instructors" and has produced this top notch DVD set that is packed with 4 hours of instruction that covers over 60 topics.

PoolCues.com A Mind For Pool

$19.95 msrp $23.95 Save 16%

A Mind for pool is a book that all players should read. It provides proven techniques for handling the nerves doubts and indecision...

Practice Pro Pocket Reducers

$34.95 msrp $39.95 Save 12%

These pocket reducers are a great tool to help your aiming precision. They come in a set of 6 and will reduce the average pocket size by 30%.

Mike Massey Billiards World Of Tricks

$19.95 Best price

The Mike Massey World of tricks is a huge compilation of Mike's favorites over many years of competition.

OB Cues DigiCue

$79.99 msrp $99.99 Save 20% plus FREE shipping

A truly revolutionary electronic cue training device for improving player performance through stroke consistency and accuracy. Aligned with OB Cues mission to help players...

  • 1-9 of 9 Results