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PoolCues.com Black Moosehead Bridge

$4.35 msrp $5.95 Save 26%

The black moosehead bridge is inique in its design. The multiple cue rest areas make it one of the most versitale bridge heads. It...

PoolCues.com Brass Bridge Head

$7.95 msrp $11.95 Save 33%

This brass bridge head is our most popular model. It has protective round ends on it to ensure nothing happens to your table cloth. The cue... rest areas are well rounded and smooth so no scratches get on your cue shaft.

PoolCues.com Break Down Bridge Stick

$33.95 msrp $34.95 Save 2%

The Break Down Bridge stick is a great 2 piece stick that features a clear plastic bridge head that easily screws on an off. Completely assembled the bridge stick is 57.75" long and each section is approximately 29.5". Also thin enough to fit into shaft compartments of most cases.

H.J. Scott Bridge Stick

$11.96 msrp $14.95 Save 20%

This solid Wood bridge stick will fit screw on or push on or clamp on bridge heads. Available in Cherry or Black Stains.

PoolCues.com Pro Justa-Bridge

$38.95 msrp $47.95 Save 18%

The Justa-Bridge is a unique bridge head that slips onto any cue. A great feature is you can rotate the bridge stick and it adjusts to the exact height you need it. A soft felt...

Kamui VUE Clear Bridge Head

$40.00 msrp $50.00 Save 20%

Made of precision machined tough acrylic, the Kamui Vue clear bridge head is the ideal bridge head. The clear acrylic gives an optimal view of the cue ball…

  • 1-6 of 6 Results