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Balabushka Cues Balabushka Weight Bolts

$5.00 Best price

These weight bolts will fit the current Adam Classic Balabushka and Helmstetter cues. If you have an old model of these cues...

J. Pechauer Weight Bolts

$5.00 msrp $7.00 Save 28%

The J. Pechauer weight bolt system has been the same for over 30 years. The bolts are color coded so as soon as the bumper is removed you know at a glance which weight screw is in the cue. These are sold PER bolt.

McDermott Weight Bolts for McDermott Cues

$5.00 Best price

McDermott cues all have a weight adjustable system. They do have 2 different types of bolts so you will need to determine...

Lucasi Cues Weight Bolts for Lucasi Cues

$3.00 Best price

Current model Lucasi cues all use the same type of weight bolt. They can be removed from beneath the bumper and replaced...

Viking Cues Weight Bolts for Viking Cues

$2.00 Best price

Weight bolts for current model Viking cues come in 3 sizes. 1oz 1.5oz and 2oz. These bolts do not have a head on them so...

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5280 Weight Bolts for 5280 and Outlaw cues

$3.00 Best price

The Outlaw and 5280 cues have an adjustable weight system that allows you to change the weight of your cue.

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Action Weight Bolts for Action Cues

$3.00 Best price

Most Action cues have a weight bolt under the rubber bumper. They are available in 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce increments. To...

Cuetec Weight Bolts for Cuetec cues

$2.00 Best price

Current model Cuetec cues have a stackable weight bolt system. You can remove bolts to lighten the weight or add...

Predator Weight Bolt System Kit

$62.10 msrp $69.00 Save 10%

The Customize-able weight cartridge kit Fits Predator cues except Predator BK2s, IKON 2nd Generation, BLAK3 and the Predator Sport Playing Cue. Individual weights are...

  • 1-9 of 9 Results