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Voodoo Cues Voodoo 01B - Blonde with Skulls

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The Voodoo 01B- Blonde is a surefire way to bring your game back to the living. The designs on the forearm and sleeve are done using Vector Based Digital Engraving. These designs offer a graveyard of Skulls and the Voodoo logo on this popular cue. The wrap on Voodoo 01B is made with Black Leather and is sure to give you a non-slip grip.

Butt Cap Stainless Steel
Joint 5/16-18 with a stainless pin into a brass insert
Sleeve Blonde stained maple with the Voodoo logo
Length 58"
Wrap Leather
Forearm Blonde stained Maple with vector based digitally engraved designs
Bumper Rubber with a heart emblem stamped on the bottom
Tip Triangle Hard Tip
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