History of Cuetec Cues

Founded in 1989, Cuetec Cues has seen a rapid and dramatic rise to the top of the cue making industry. Jones Chang founded the company - and still runs it today - with one goal in mind, creating not just decent but truly high quality pool cues at affordable prices. In order to achieve this goal, he had to literally reinvent the cue manufacturing process. The new process that Cuetec uses not only is cheaper, it eliminates many of the most common problems with pool cues. Warping, denting, moisture damage, and other common problems are a thing of the past with Cuetec cues.

Although much of their manufacturing process remains a trade secret, one way Cuetec can eradicate so many of these common problems is through their "Power Bonding Process." The way that most everyday wear and tear damages cues is through excessive moisture and temperature changes. Too much moisture means that some water will soak into the wood of the cues, most likely unevenly. This alone can cause the cue to crack or soften. And when the water dries, the cue can warp or the metal parts can rust, all of which can ruin a cue. Temperature changes can cause problems too. The different materials used to make a cue react differently to temperature changes, and will expand or contract at different rates. This too can cause warping, can ruin a cues finish, and depending what the joint is made out of make the male and female parts of the joint no longer screw together correctly, causing serious damage to the cue. The power bonding that Cuetec does bonds either graphite or fiberglass to the wood of the cue, completely enclosing the cue in this temperature and moisture resistant material and extending the life of the cue. The process also doubles as a way to add strength to the cue and preserve its radial consistency.

Cuetec, despite being affordable for even the most casual of players, has been used to win hundreds of major billiards titles worldwide including nine world championships, and many different stops on the various pro tours, both male and female. Cuetec recently announced the newest member of its team, 2007 U.S. Open Champion and Shane Van Boening, currently the top ranked billiards player in the United States. Mr. Van Boening will be using only Cuetec cues this fall when he will attempt to win his second World Cup of Pool championship.