McDermott Pool Cues and Sticks


McDermott Cue Manufacturing is an American owned and operated company in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin. They have a well-deserved reputation for the highest quality cues with a lifetime warranty including against warping.

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The G1303 is McDermott's 2012 Cue of the Year. This kingpin is constructed using Recon Ebony on the forearm and sleeve. The forearm alone has six Green Burl, Brass and Recon inlays as well as 12 Green Burl clover inlays. The sleeve of the G1303 showcases 24 Green Burl inlays, 18 Brass diamond inlays and 12 Recon Ivory inlays. The 2012 COTY's come with an I-2 and I-3 shaft. The In-Stock Models is #14/150

$15.95   msrp $19.95   save 20%

These joint protectors are made by McDermott for their cues. Choose the McDermott Quick Release Joint Pin or the most common which is hte Standard 3/8-10 pin.

McDermott Stinger NG01 - $178.50   msrp $210.00   save $31.50 (15%)
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The NG01 uses a new Stinger technology to direct the force at contact down the middle of the shaft creating a larger sweet spot. This is a sharp looking break jump cue...

$211.65   msrp $249.00   save 15% plus FREE shipping

The i-Shafts system from McDermott offers 3 shaft options for different playing conditions. The quickest way to powerful accurate shots has arrived!

McDermott GS05 - $178.50   msrp $210.00   save $31.50 (15%)

The GS05 features an all Maple forearm and butt sleeve. The color is an Emerald Green European organic stain with multiple coats...

McDermott G307 - $306.00   msrp $360.00   save $54.00 (15%)

The G307 features multiple recon ivory inlays in the sleeve along with double indexed rings and cocobolo wood. The forearm has...

McDermott G302 - $284.75   msrp $335.00   save $50.25 (15%)

The G302 is a curly maple cue with a Titanium grey stain. 100% genuine Irish Linen of black with white speck matches perfectly to...

McDermott G311 - $327.25   msrp $385.00   save $57.75 (15%)

The G311 features an all wood foram sleeve and inlays. Bubinga wood is used for the forearm and shaft. The forearm has 3 floating...

McDermott G310 - $327.25   msrp $385.00   save $57.75 (15%)

The G310 is new for 2010-2011. It has a natural Birdseye Maple forearm with 3 unique floating points made of Padauk wood. Padauk...

McDermott G313 - $327.25   msrp $385.00   save $57.75 (15%)

The G313 comes standard with the G-Core performance shaft and Everest layered tip. The forearm is Birdseye Maple and the sleeve...

McDermott G319 - $339.15   msrp $399.00   save $59.85 (15%)

New for 2010-2011 the G319 offers a lot of features at a great price. A Wildfire Jaguar Head 3-D image carving in the butt sleeve which...

McDermott G304 - $289.00   msrp $340.00   save $51.00 (15%)

The G304 is a very unique cue that uses glow in the dark inlays in the butt sleeve. Yes they really glow McDermott green. This quality...

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