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Tweeten Cue Repair Kit

$14.99 msrp $15.25 Save 1%

The home repair kit by Tweeten has everything you need to change a tip. Included is cement, cue tips, tip clamp, cue top sander, scuffer, chalk and table spots.

Tiger Shaft Cleaner Burnisher

$6.95 msrp $7.95 Save 12%

The Tiger burnisher and polisher is a popular shaft cleaner that gives your shaft a nice polished look. One side of the pad uses a fine coarse cleaning paper and the other side is a...

Qclean Q Slick

$8.95 msrp $10.95 Save 18%

Q Slick comes in a 2oz formula that seals, conditions, polishes and protects your shaft. This easy to use solution seals wood pores from moisture, hand oils and dirt. A small amount will revitalize... 8 or 9 Ball Billiard Towel

$4.95 msrp $5.95 Save 16%

Here is a useful accessory that every player needs. The 8 and 9 ball cotten towel for cleaning oil dirt and chalk off your hands. Clean... Q-Wax

$5.95 msrp $6.95 Save 14%

After cleaning your shaft you can protect and polish it with this cue wax. Polishes to a smooth finish without being tacky or sticky. Smart Wipes Shaft Treatment and polish

$12.95 msrp $13.95 Save 7%

The shaft and ferrule treatment and polish will seal the dirt and oils away from your cue as well as add a polish for extra protection. There are 20 pre-saturated...

Cue Cube Shaft Slicker

$6.95 msrp $8.95 Save 22%

An essential tool for taking care of your cue shaft, the Cue Cube Shaft Slicker is made soft genuine leather & a soft nylon. The nylon not only smooths out your shaft, but also removes dirt... Smart Wipes Cue Shaft and Ferrule Cleaner

$12.95 msrp $13.95 Save 7%

One of the most common questions we get are, How do I clean the shaft of my cue? These Smart Wipes shaft and ferrule cleaner take the guesswork...

Qclean Powder 1 Ounce Bottle

$13.95 msrp $16.95 Save 17%

Q Clean powder quickly removes dirt, oils and stubborn shaft stains from the surface and wood pores of your cue. Q Clean restores the shaft's original appearance and gives a satin smooth finish. Comes in... Sandman Tip Tool

$14.50 msrp $17.95 Save 19%

The sandman tip tool is made of stainless steel and has a unique patented sanding material. Helps keep your cue tip in perfect shape. and the leather...

Predator Towels

$13.50 msrp $15.00 Save 10%

This is an all cotton towel with the gold Predator logo embroidered in to it. It also has clip to attach to your bag.

Action Eight Ball Mafia Towel

$12.75 msrp $15.00 Save 15%

The Eight Ball Mafia towel is an all cotton towel that has a clip to attach to your pool case.

Joe Porper Shaft Polisher

$5.95 Best price

The Shaft Polisher by Joe Porper is a two sided shaft polisher. These pads burnish and polish your shaft to ensure a smooth clean stroke every time.

Qclean Q Glide

$5.95 msrp $6.95 Save 14%

Q Glide is the best anti-friction shaft treatment for a superb gliding stroke. This safe, non-greasy formula provides a super-gliding shaft that gives you optimum cue control and enhanced stroking power...