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Vector Cube

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$6.95 msrp $9.95 Save 30%

The Vector cube is perfect for preparing and shaping your tip. One side shapes the pool cue tip to a perfect radius. The other...

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Vector Extreme Tip Tool

$13.95 msrp $19.95 Save 30%

Appropriately named, the Extreme tip tool 5 in 1 system does it all. Made of Steel not plastic, It has 2 curved areas, one dime shaped and one nickel for giving your tip the shape you want. On the end...

Tweeten Cue Repair Kit

$14.99 msrp $19.95 Save 24%

The home repair kit by Tweeten has everything you need to change a tip. Included is cement, cue tips, tip clamp, cue top sander, scuffer, chalk and table spots. Rapid Cue Top Sander

$12.95 msrp $27.99 Save 53%

The Rapid cuetop sander is a must have product for anyone that wants to do quality tip replacements themselves. This tool prepares...

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Chalk Box Inc The Bullet Chalk Holder and Scuffer

$11.99 msrp $14.99 Save 20%

Chalk it up in style! The Bullet Chalk holder is a popular chalk holder that give you easy access to your chalk while playing in matches or just for fun. This version includes a quality tip Scuffer built in... Tip Master Tip Tool

$20.95 msrp $24.99 Save 16%

This 6 in 1 tool is essential for any pool player to maintain their tip for optimal play. It has a Dime Shaper, Nickel Shaper, Tip Pick...

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Cuetec Bowtie Tip Tool

$16.95 msrp $19.99 Save 15%

The Bowtie Tip tool is a great three in one solution to tip care. This tool has a built in nickel shaper, scuffer and tip pick. Whether you need to shape your tip, scuff it or pick..

1 Review Original Tip Pik

$11.95 msrp $16.99 Save 29%

This is the original Brass tip pik that has been around for a long time and proven itself a valuable tool. It allows you to penetrate the tip so it holds chalk without wearing down or removing leather like a lot of scuffers do.

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Willard Tip Shapers

$12.99 msrp $14.99 Save 13%

Willard Tip Shapers are some of the most reliable and long lasting tip shapers on the market. These will shape your tip and confirm the size with the notch in the side. Available in a dime shape, nickel...

Chalk Box Inc Combination Chalker and Scuffer

$6.95 msrp $8.50 Save 18%

The Combination Chalker and Scuffer is a discrete tool that is functional yet stylish. The scuffer is built in on the backside and the front side is the opening for the chalk. These are available in Black, Red or Green. Combination Tip-Pik and Scuffer

$11.99 msrp $16.99 Save 29%

The Combination Tip Pik and scuffer accomplishes 2 tasks for you. The scuffer will mold and shape your leather tip to a standard circumference The Pik will rough up the leather to help chalk stay on without taking material off and premamaturely wearing out the tip.

1 Review Sandpaper scuffer

$2.05 msrp $2.99 Save 31%

These scuffers have been around for almost 50 years. A simple piece of curved plastic with ridges that hold in pieces of sandpaper. It works... Ultimate Tip Tool Refills

$2.95 msrp $3.95 Save 25%

Appropriately named the Ultimate tip tool does it all. It has 2 curved areas, one dime shaped and one nickel for giving your tip the shape you want. On the end...

1 Review Black Tip Tapper

$5.00 Best price

This is a simple yet effective tool for helping your tip hold chalk. This is a tapper that will just indent the leather tip enough to hold chalk. Unlike tip shapers... Sandman Tip Tool

$18.95 msrp $19.95 Save 5%

The sandman tip tool is made of stainless steel and has a unique patented sanding material. Helps keep your cue tip in perfect shape. and the leather... Rapid Cue Top Sander Replacement Discs

$4.39 msrp $6.00 Save 26%

These replacement sanding discs are for the cue top sander. In order to successfully replace a tip on a quality cue, the ferrule needs to be sanded perfectly flat along with the back of the tip.

  • 1-16 of 16 Results